There are a host of worldwide Cruise Destinations to choose from

Africa Best known for its exotic wildlife, rolling grasslands, vast deserts and safari adventures, Africa is also a continent of diverse cultures and beautiful beaches. Click here for more information on Africa cruises Alaska The untouched landscapes of Alaska are a sight to behold. This sub arctic state of the United States offers visitors the chance to view stunning glaciers, magnificent mountain ranges, abundant wildlife, lakes, fjords, dramatic shorelines and lush dense forests. Click here for more information on Alaska cruises Australasia As well as sampling the delights of cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, you can visit Australia's magnificent Ayres' Rock, go kangaroo spotting in the Kakadu National Park and go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. Click here for more information on Australasia cruises Canary Islands The sun-drenched Canary Islands lie close to North Africa and have an exotic flavour of their own. Hundreds of volcanoes, rolling sand dunes, rich forests and rugged cliffs dapple these Atlantic gems. Click here for more information on Canary Islands cruises Caribbean The Caribbean is one of the world's most popular cruise destinations due to its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters brimming with marine life, countless and diverse ports of call, and abundance of water sports. Click here for more information on Caribbean cruises Far East & Indian Ocean Ancient cultures and civilisations, emerging nations, authentic cuisine, exotic plants and animals, historic architecture and pristine white sandy beaches - this region of the world has it all. Click here for more information on Far East & Indian Ocean cruises Mediterranean A cruise around the Mediterranean allows you to sample the landscapes, local food and laid back lifestyles of the Spanish Costa's, the French and Italian Rivieras, the Balearics and North Africa. Click here for more information on Mediterranean cruises Middle East An area renowned for its desert landscapes and the oil rich states of the Gulf, the Middle East is an up and coming cruise destination that has visitors marvelling at the sights, sounds and aromas of this mystical region. Click here for more information on Middle East cruises Northern Europe The area boasts dramatic scenery, fascinating cultures, history and archaeology. Very few cruises can offer the diversity of cultures and historic traditions that a cruise in this region can. Click here for more information on Northern Europe cruises Pacific This mighty ocean is as varied as it is vast - from unpopulated islands awash with tropical flowers and palm trees to lush rainforests and imposing mountain ranges, these islands are as close to paradise as you will get. Click here for more information on Pacific cruises Polar Regions A cruise to either the Arctic or Antarctica gives you the chance to observe some of the most breathtaking, remote and untouched areas on earth. Click here for more information on Polar Regions cruises South America From the beaches and carnivals of Copacabana and Rio de Janeiro, to the mighty Amazon River and rainforest, the archaeological ruins of Chile and Peru, to the historical and cultural cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, South America is colourful, exotic, vibrant, historic and modern, all at the same time. Click here for more information on South America cruises Transatlantic As the most refined, civilised way to cross the Atlantic, a transatlantic cruise can be as short as six days or as long as two weeks. It can be a one-way cruise with a flight at either end, or a return trip where you can enjoy the journey there and back. Click here for more information on Transatlantic cruises UK It's not often we get to look at the UK from the sea. So a cruise around our home island may well prove a unique and fascinating experience giving you the chance to see the most historic landmarks and landscapes from a different perspective. Click here for more information on UK cruises USA & Canada From cosmopolitan cities bursting with culture, history, architecture and regional cuisine, to mile upon mile of breathtaking, untouched scenery, a cruise around the USA and Canada has it all. Click here for more information on USA & Canada cruises World Cruises World cruises sail itineraries that may last for several months, so the ship takes on the role of a floating home away from home, with the added benefit of your home having full time staff to attend to your every need! Click here for more information on World cruises
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