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Galapagos Northern Loop

Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Xpedition
Date 24th Nov 22
Nights 10 Nights
Quito, Ecuador
Fly from the UK and arrive in Quito, Ecuador where you will be transferred to your hotel for a two night pre-cruise stay.
Quito, Ecuador
Quito is Ecuador's capital and sits high in the Andean foothills. The city was constructed on the grounds of a former ancient Incan city and is famed for its preserved historic centre with abundant 16th and 17th century churches and other structures showcasing centuries-old architecture. Visit Plaza Grande, Carondelet Palace where Ecuador’s president lives and works, and Sa Augustin that houses paintings by the 17th century artist Miguel de Santiago. Reach the top of the towers at Basilica del Voto Nacional for breathtaking views of Quito down below or take the TelefériQo (cable car) to be transported high into the Andes for an 18-minute experience of awe-inspiring vistas. If you're an art, culture, or history lover; visit any of Quito's 50+ museums including Museo Nacional, Mindalae Museum, and Casa del Alabado.
Baltra Island, Ecuador
After your two night stay you will be transferred to the airport for your flight to Baltra Island. On arrive you will be transferred to the port to board Celebrity Xpedition for your seven night cruise.
Black Turtle Cove, Santa Cruz Island
Black Turtle Cove is a picturesque mangrove estuary on the northern shore of Santa Cruz Island in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands. Board a zodiac boat into Black Turtle Cove - accessible only by sea - and travel through the complex maze of tranquil saltwater inlets surrounded by mangroves. Once inside the cove, quietly explore the area; keeping your eyes peeled for sea turtles, spotted eagle and golden rays, and white-tipped reef sharks in the azure waters. You may also be fortunate enough to catch sight of the brown pelicans, egrets, and herons that make their nests on the winding shoreline.
Rabida Island
Rabida Island is one of the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. It was formerly known as Jervis Island; named in honour of the 18th-century British admiral John Jervis. One of the smallest islands in the Galápagos; it is uninhabited but is perfect for sightseeing and wildlife spotting. The highlight is following the trail at Rabida Island Galapagos visitor site; which leads to the salt-water lagoon where bright pink flamingos can be seen feasting on shrimp lava. Bird watchers will be able to spot finches, yellow warblers, Galapagos doves, brown pelicans, and mockingbirds. You may also see sea lions resting on the beach and sea turtles, eagle rays, eels, sharks, and penguins often make an appearance on the island too. The beach is also a great spot to swim and snorkel.
Egas Port, Santiago Island
The port of Egas on Santiago Island boasts wide walking trails and scenic shoreline occupied by Galapagos hawks, marine iguanas, sea lions, and Sally Lightfoot crabs. The port can easily be explored independently or on a guided excursion; where a local guide can help you discover rock volcanic formations known as 'grottoes' along the shoreline and see where the marine iguanas and furry sea lions hang out. Amongst the volcanic rocks, be sure to seek out Darwin's Toilet which is a pool that fills and empties rapidly with rushing seawater. Take photos next to the natural 'bridge' formation and keep an eye out for tidal pools; which are often home to stingrays, turtles, and other fascinating marine life.
Tagus Cove, Isabela Island
Historically an anchorage for pirates and whalers; Tagus Cove sits next to the Bolivar Channel and affords breathtaking views of both Fernandina Island in the distance and Isabela Island with its volcanoes and Darwin Lake saltwater lagoon. Along the shore; you can catch sight of seabirds, penguins, sea lions, sea turtles, and nesting flightless cormorants; while the water is awash with sharks, sea stars, and colourful fish. Look out for the graffiti on the cliffs featuring the names of pirates, whalers, and navy personnel who visited the cove from the mid-1800s through to the mid-1990s.
Espinoza Point, Fernandina Island
Fernandina is the youngest island in the Galapagos Islands and, as Darwin wrote, it is 'covered with immense deluges of black naked lava'. Along with its extraordinary black lava rocks and La Cumbre volcano that dominate the landscape; this point of land boasts one of the world's most pristine island eco-systems. It also hosts the largest colony of marine iguanas in the archipelago, abundant sea lions and Galapagos penguins, and a nesting site for flightless cormorants. Step ashore and explore at your own pace on foot by walking or hiking or, alternatively, on a snorkel to discover under water delights.
Urvina Bay, Isabela Island
Urbina Bay is located on the southeast side of Alcedo volcano on the Galapagos' Isabela Island. The surrounding landscape is scattered with Darwin's shrub where Marine Iguanas love to make themselves at home; while giant tortoises love the fruit of the endemic Manzillo or poison-apple tree. Keep your eyes open for flightless cormorants, penguins, pelicans, and blue-footed boobies. In 1954, magma from one of the island’s volcanoes caused part of Urbina Bay to be uplifted some six metres; allowing you now to walk through the remains of what was once a thriving underwater reef with its skeletons and marine formations.
Punta Vicente Roca, Isabela Island
The cliffs of Punta Vicente Roca are found on the north-west side of Isabela Island. See the impressive volcanic coastline and look for indigenous fur seals, blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, and marine iguanas on the cliffs. You might also catch sight of eastern Pacific green sea turtles swimming around the boat and – if conditions allow – you can also snorkel and swim with eagle rays, penguins, sea lions, and tuna fish!
Bartolome, Ecuador
Bartolome features an interesting volcanic landscape and variety of wildlife. Arrive at Sullivan's Bay boardwalk where you climb the 388 steps and spot lava lizards, blue-footed boobies and Galapagos hawks. You're rewarded at the top with beautiful panoramic views towards Pinnacle Rock and beyond to the black, volcanic cones of Baltra, Daphne Major and Daphne Minor.
Daphne Major
Daphne Major is a volcanic island just north of Santa Cruz Island in the Archipelago of Colón, commonly known as the Galapagos Islands. It consists of a satellite volcanic cone, devoid of trees, whose rim rises 120 metres above sea level. The crater floor is an important breeding site for blue-footed boobies. The cliff shore of the island is also home to sea lions, pelicans, blue-footed boobies, and tropic birds which can be observed during the circumnavigation of the island. The surrounding waters are filled with colourful tropical fish, rays, green turtles, and sharks.
El Barranco (Genovesa Island)
El Barranco sits on Genovesa Island in the Galapagos Islands. El Barranco, also known as Prince Phillip’s Steps since the Duke of Edinburgh visited the island in 1964, is a steep lava rocks stairway that leads up 25 metres through a seabird colony full of Nazca and Red-footed Boobies. Once at the plateau; the trail continues inland and passes more nesting booby colonies in the thin Palo Santo forest. Keep an eye out for Galapagos doves, mockingbirds, storm petrels, and perhaps a short-eared lava owl. You may also catch sight of the elusive Galapagos fur seals on the cliffs and red-billed tropical birds in the sky above.
Darwin Bay (Genovesa)
Darwin Bay sits on Genovesa Island in the Galapagos Islands and is also known as a 'bird paradise'. Darwin Bay’s soft white sand and coral is the perfect beginning of a spectacular excursion; the trail from the beach takes you into lush mangroves where red-footed boobies nest and the bay is the only place in the Galapagos to view the sharp-beaked ground finch. Swallow-tailed and lava gulls, mockingbirds, yellow-crowned night herons, lava herons, Galapagos doves, yellow warblers, great frigate birds, and sea lions also call the bay home. Snorkelling is a must here, as the nutrient-rich water attracts abundant marine life including sharks, sea lions, sea turtles, and the occasional manta ray.
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island
Puerto Ayora is a town on the southern shore of Santa Cruz Island in central Galapagos; named in honour of an Ecuadorian president called Isidro Ayora. Visit El Chato Reserve to experience tunnels and tortoises, hike past the beautiful waters and rock formations at Las Grietas, and swim and snorkel to your heart's content. Perhaps spend the day on Garrapatero beach to discover sea turtles, marine iguanas, small bull sharks, and several species of birds. Relax on the golden sands of Las Bachas, walk through the lava tunnels, shop at the Santa Cruz Fish Market, and tempt your taste buds with local seafood from Los Kioskos.
Baltra Island, Ecuador
Today your cruise comes to an end. Disembark and be transferred to the airport for your flight to Quito, Ecuador. On arrival you will be transferred to your hotel for a one night stay.
Quito, Ecuador
After your one night stay you will be transferred to the airport for your flight home.
Hays Extras
Hays Extras
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Overseas Transfers
  • 2 night pre-cruise stay in Quito, Ecuador 
  • Quito city tour included

Seven nights all-inclusive modern luxury cruising including: 
  • Beverages including select wines, sparkling wines, spirits, soft drinks, bottled water, coffee and tea 
  • Gratuities & Wi-Fi 
  • All meals, including room service
  • On board entertainment, including lectures by Galápagos national park certified naturalists 
  • All shore excursions 
  • Highly qualified naturalist guides accompany your time ashore 
  • National park admission and Galapagos tourist card 
  • FREE use of snorkelling equipment, mini wet-suits, binoculars and walking sticks 
  • Post-cruise hotel stay in Quito, Ecuador
Why Book
Why Book
  • While in Quito visit Plaza Grande, Carondelet Palace where Ecuador’s president lives and works, and Sa Augustin that houses paintings by the 17th century artist Miguel de Santiago
  • Board a zodiac boat into Black Turtle Cove - accessible only by sea - and travel through the complex maze of tranquil saltwater inlets surrounded by mangroves
  • Follow the trail at Rabida Island Galapagos visitor site; which leads to the salt-water lagoon where bright pink flamingos can be seen feasting on shrimp lava

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Celebrity Xpedition
Only Celebrity Xpedition® offers the perfect combination of explorer's voyage and cosmopolitan bliss. Travel to one of the last uninhabited places on earth – the legendary Galapagos Islands. Where untamed wildlife outnumbers the pampered travelers. Make moonlight toasts under the stars that led sailors and scientists alike to this extraordinary archipelago. Designed not just for travel, but for exploration, this 96-guest mega-yacht sails to the Galapagos Islands, one of the world's last pristine environments, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our knowledgeable crew, environmentally sound ship design, and Galapagos National Park-certified onboard naturalists all help to preserve this delicate archipelago, while enlightening you to its natural and evolutionary significance. It's a journey like no other.
Celebrity Xpedition
Celebrity Xpedition - Darwin's Dining Room Celebrity Xpedition - Darwin's Dining Room Celebrity Xpedition - 24-hour Room Service Celebrity Xpedition - Beagle Grill
Food & Drink

Providing casual, open-seating in Darwin's Restaurant, guests can enjoy the flexibility to chose their dining companions whilst enjoying locally grown (or caught) ingredients. Inspired by its namesake, Darwin, and his theory of evolution, subtle hints of this theme run throughout the ship.


A mixture of contemporary, classic and innovative forms of entertainment can be found onboard.

Celebrity Xpedition - Fortunes Casino Celebrity Xpedition - Discovery Lounge Celebrity Xpedition - Blue Finch Bar
Health & Fitness

Massage and exercise facilities are available onboard.

Kids & Teens

Please note: there are no children's or teens facilities onboard the Celebrity Xpedition.

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Galapagos Northern Loop
Celebrity Xpedition
24th Nov 22
10 Nights
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