South America

South America is one of the world's most fascinating and diverse regions to explore.

From the beaches and carnivals of Copacabana and Rio de Janeiro, to the mighty Amazon River and rainforest, the archaeological ruins of Chile and Peru, to the historical and cultural cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, South America is colourful, exotic, vibrant, historic and modern, all at the same time.

Take a cruise around this vast continent and you will be able to experience complete diversity and an array of awe inspiring sights.

Seductive Latin cities, mysterious Incan ruins, ethereal Amazon jungles and ice walled fjords are all on offer. And if you take a Cape Horn cruise, you even get to experience all four seasons in just two weeks. On this cruise combine the autumn cool of the Falkland Islands, the bitter cold of Tierra del Fuego and Chile's Punta Arenas, with the Spring-like Chilean fjords and the steamy summer weather of the Chilean capital of Santiago. If you take this itinerary, remember to pack for all weathers!

Some cruise companies with smaller ships even navigate the Amazon, just ask us for further details.

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Rio de Janeiro
An exhilarating and vibrant city.
San Juan
Immerse yourself in historical sites.
Relax in the middle of a rainforest.
Explore some superb scenery.
Iguazu Falls
In the jungles of Argentina.
Experience marvellous old-world architecture in Uruguay.
Puerto Montt
Pristine lakes and snow-capped volcanoes in Chile.
The beautiful capital of the state of Bahia in Brazil.
Panama Canal
Sail through the Panama Canal, an artificial 48-mile waterway.
The capital of Peru lies on the country's Pacific coast.

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